Boredom ends...

W00t W00t W00t W00t W00t xD xD xD

Yes!! its teh festive season!! One of the greatest time of the year...

Moreover no fu_king college.. I wasnt going there anyway.. Reason?

  1. They banned me.. ROFL!!! For some unexplainable reasons (secret)!!

  2. They extended teh banning period after 5 days.. (WOW i cant demand more.. Just what i wanted!)

The festivals can be enjoyed fully and moreover i got rid of the muthafking mid term sessionals too.. Life is Good! :)

Some more updates..

  1. The tube is performing great. Loving it more with each passing day..

  2. The Nucleus has seized to get worsened. So theres some hope, still.. bah.

  3. Mafia Wars.. Yes.. getting addicted to it. Rehab?

  4. MS Dhoni sucks donkey b_lls.

Thats all for teh time being..

Take care..